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Until this year I’ve always enjoyed taking photos, particularly with the advent of digital cameras, but had never done more than point and shoot.     My main focus has been on video and video editing.   After accumulating a draw full of digital video tapes (and a box or two of older analog), I decided it was time to try to go for a tapeless video camera.   While shopping at the local camera store,  the owner put a Canon 7D in my hand at one point.   The previous week I had taken a photo for someone with a Canon Rebel, and I enjoyed the feel of taking a photo with a dedicated camera rather than a feature of a video camera.   The 7D has HD movie capability (although not continuous focusing).   I spent a few evenings debating the merits of going for a nice HD camera or my first DSLR.  In the end I couldn’t decide and put both on my Father’s day wish list and hoped my family would figure it out.

The Canon 7D showed up on father’s Day Saturday (1 day early) so I could use it in a out of state soccer game that day.  After quickly charging the battery with some juice and a dash to the store for an omitted memory card and a monopod, we headed off to the game.   After firing it up at the field and taking a few shots, I switched the focus to manual and took  shot  #6 of a soccer ball through the fence:

This seemed like far too nice of a picture to take 10 minutes after putting the battery in the camera! While manual focus was probably an option on several camera’s I’d used, the SLR body made it much more accessible. What else lie in store if I read the manual and figured out what all these other dials did? Six months and 11,000 shots later, I’m still reading the manual and trying to learn more about how to take better photographs and trying to figure out the best sequence of lenses to put on my wish list for next year.

The web seems somewhat saturated in terms of photography information in various forms. I thought it might be handy to start a blog for my own use to capture links and save notes as I go.

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